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How to Get Girls to Like You? Online Dating Tips For Guys  

by Omar Negron

First, let's get it in our heads. In reality, without studying the proper philosophy of a woman, guys will never be able to guess there next step. It's like playing the lottery, just hoping the last thing you said will cash you in. There's only one thing wrong with that picture, it normally doesn't.

Have you ever been on a site, seen a girl sent her a message and got no response. More than likely you have. If you are lucky, you have gotten 1 response back, said something stupid (in their eyes) and never got a reply. What's worse is we tend to blame it on the female and think negatively on her, when the truth is we just didn't know what the heck we were doing! But pride is a tough thing to let go.

Instead of blaming someone else for your mistake, fine tune your skills and try to read what she may be thinking. This may be VERY challenging because you are on the internet which means it will take practice. Thinking that this will happen in 1 hour is pretty ob surd.

Tip #1- What ever your thinking to do or say at first, hold on!

That's just your impulses getting the best of you. You see her page and she's gorgeous so now you want to have her! Slow down there buddy, think before you talk. Remember once you say the wrong thing, you pretty much lost her forever in the internet world.

Tip #2- Don't rush to compliment her and tell her how beautiful she is.

This is probably one of the most important steps. EX. "Baby, you looking good in those pictures, write back so we can chat a little". Do you know how many guys have already said the SAME EXACT LINE you are about to say. With the way guys hit on girls, probably thousands. Approach the situation different. Maybe you can comment about a specific something she has on her page that symbolizes what she stands for.

Tip #3 - Treat your profile like gold.

OK, let's say this girl actually does like you and wants to get to know you. She browses through your profile only to see a list of other girls leaving you comments and things of that nature. Do you think that's leaving a good impression on her? Of course not! Keep your profile clean and don't have pictures of other girls who you may also be interested in because she will feel like she is just another notch on your belt.

Those are just some simple tips to get you started on the right track. These things take a lot of trail and error. The beauty with Internet dating is that if you do mess up, there are many more people to try again. How to get girls to like you on the internet can be a fun thing, just master the skills.

Omar has been learning new strategies, techniques, and approaches over the Internet and has focused on helping other people anyway that he can. To learn how to get girls, discover dating tips for guys, and not be like the 99% of guys who get turned down online visit his blog at http://www.freegaypartylinenumbers.com

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