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Attracting the Right Man- What Women Should Know  

With advance technology now, meeting people and getting dates are a lot easier, but are you attracting the right man? Although dating should be fun, of course you want to create a lasting relationship with someone you’ve always wanted. You want to end up with someone you want to be with and you are not dating just for the sake of dating and having fun.

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Has Your Dating or Love Life Tanked?  

I was on the Today show recently doing a segment about what to do when life doesn’t work out the way you want it to. The panel included terrific authors Rene Syler and Amy Cohen and the talented Debbie Nigro, a founder and Chief Executive Girlfriend of firstwivesworld.com. Here are the five tips I was not able to give on air, the steps you can take that can help when things go south, especially in your dating or love life.

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Internet Dating For Big Beautiful Women - Transcending Appearances  

Dating can sometimes be a challenge for big beautiful women (or BBW). That is because we are surrounded by fashion statements, which repeatedly assert that slim is beautiful. We always see slim ladies in fashion shows, fashion magazines, beauty contests, and more. Conditioning has thus made everyone more sensitive to the size issue. Often, bigger sized women are made to suffer because of their size. They may have difficulty getting dates, or simply getting out to have fun.

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The Most Releveant Pros And Cons Of Online Dating   

The Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Net based dating is more than just a craze, it's a permanent part of our society. Net based dating has quickly changed into a well-known channel where in members can converge to explore passionate probabilities with one or an other.

Here are A few of the pros and cons of online dating:

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Could Your Lover Be Cheating Online?  

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered whether your partner or lover has ever cheated on you online?

It's completely normal to be curious and actually very important to be sure.

This can be a very serious matter that requires plenty of precaution. Approach this with care.

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