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Win Your Ex Back By Watching For These 12 Signs That Say They're Interested

by Carrie Joseph

Did you know that there are definite signs you can look for that will tell you your ex wants you back? Breakups are hard on us emotionally and mentally. We don't always know if we're thinking rationally. Watch for these signs to give you an opening to win your ex back.

1. Calls you up, just to say hello - they miss talking with you.

2. Says they want to be friends - they want to leave opportunities open.

3. Asks your friends questions about you - they are wanting to know what you are up to and how you are taking things.

4. Give’s an ok to call them - want line of communication open.

5. Find them watching you - they can't keep their eyes off you.

6. Acts friendly when you meet - they want you to think well of them.

7. Give you compliments - shows interest in your look, clothes, etc.

8. Asks you if you are dating anyone - want to know if you are still available.

9. They are not dating anyone - not ready to get involved with someone else.

10. Tries to get you to notice them - looking for your attention.

11. Keeps bumping into you - big sign of interest, especially if it happens several times.

12. Brags about themselves - wants to attract you.

These are some of the signals you should be on the lookout for. If you want your relationship to work out long term you need to find out what went wrong in the first place. Then you can work on how to fix it and what you need to work on. Your ex will definitely notice if you are making positive changes.

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Following a plan of action that uses common sense instead of following your emotions can help you win your ex back. Find out how to get them to return your phone calls, and other tips here: http://squidoo.com/magicofmakinguptoday

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