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Does Your Ex Want You Back - Signs Your Ex Wants You Back  

by yannleong

The relationship is over, however, your ex is still lingering on your mind. When you see your ex, thoughts are flooding in your head about what your ex is thinking about now, does your ex still love you, or whether your ex wants to get back with you.

It can be frustrating trying to figure out the signals of your ex’s intention. Signals from your ex can be misleading at times and you want to identify the right signals so you can get your ex back.

1) Body language

When you meet up with your ex or chance upon her, how does your ex react in your presence? If you see your ex playing with the hair or the clothing, It could signal that your ex is still interested in you and doesn’t reject you. The way you ex looks at you would also be an indication of feelings for you.

2) Dating

Your ex may be dating someone else now and at the same time, your ex also agreed to go out with you. This is not too bad a situation at all. Perhaps your ex is also giving you a chance to prove yourself again to be the right person.

3) Going to old places

If you come to know that your ex still visits the old favorite places you both shared many happy memories with often, it is certain that your ex just couldn’t let you out of their mind.

4) Mention about you often

If you share a group of common friend together, you would hear your friends or family members telling you about your ex asking about you, how are you getting on in life and such. This is another indication of that your ex still cares about you.

If you truly want your ex back, these are some of the signs that you still have a place in your ex’s heart and what you need to do is to first have a plan to guide you in your course of actions in winning your ex back.

Many people fail to succeed in getting their ex back even when their ex displayed signs of interest in getting back together simple because of the lack of a strategy. You need to have a detailed plan in order not to mess up your chances with your ex. What if your ex wanted to test your sincerity and gave you objections and you are not prepared in handling them, instead you said the wrong thing or do something silly? A plan will help you prepare yourself and also to keep you focus on the buildup to getting your ex back. Start on working out a plan to secure your chances of being with your ex again.


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