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Top 3 Secrets On How To Decide What Kind Of Person You Are Looking For In Your Profile  

by Clarence Lee

Once you know (or have a vague idea of) what kind of relationship you're looking for, now you have to decide what kind of person you're looking for. Every match that you meet is going to be different, but you should have a good idea about the type of mate that you're interested in and the type that you're definitely not interested it.

Filling in the section of your bio about the kind of person that you're looking for can be quite daunting. What should you write? How can you describe your perfect mate? Here are some tips about making sure the type of person that you're interested in is clear.

1. Tell me what you want

It's easy to want to start off your section with a string of adjectives. I.E. I'm looking for someone smart, funny, nice, pretty, interesting, kind, sweet, strong, fun, passionate, driven, etc. But doesn't everyone think that they fill most, if not all, of these requirements?

One way to avoid doing this while still getting your point across is to give examples of the qualities that you're looking for. For instance if you to date someone who is interesting then you can write "I'm looking for a man who will debate politics with me." This way the person reading your profile knows that someone who can talk about politics would be interesting to you.

2. Now is the time to be superficial

Do you like tall men? Do you like dark-haired women? Most people have a certain body type or a set of physical attributes that they're interested in. You know what you like, so let the reader know about it.

But be gentle when dealing with this issue. Don't write "no fatties." This reflects badly on you and may turn off potential matches. Instead you can write "I like women with a slender figure." That way you state what you want without sounding crass.

But also make sure not to go overboard. If you find yourself giving a head to toe description of your idealized mate or theoretically combining different parts of celebrities to make up the embodiment of physical perfect then just stop writing. Think about what physical features are important to you and describe them without being too specific.

Writing "I'm attracted to men who are taller than me," is much better than writing "I want a man who is between 6"0' and 6"4'. You might discover than a man who is 5"11' is just your type.

Does age matter? Sometimes, but not always. While you might plan on dating someone who is in a specific age range, you have to keep in mind that age doesn't equal maturity and experience doesn't equal wisdom. Having a sensible idea of how old you'd like your mate to be is helpful, but also allow some room for someone who might be outside of your age range.

3. Lifestyle

If you want someone to go clubbing with, put that in your profile. If you want someone who likes to rent movies and curl up on the couch, then write that. It's important to be flexible and want to try out your partner's interests and have them take part in yours.

But you should think about your limits. If you're an introvert you run the risk of wearing yourself out if you go clubbing every night. If you're an extrovert you might be bored to tears if you stay in all the time.

It's also important to know how the other's schedule works. If they work during the day and you work at night, you're not going to get a chance to see each other allow. If you arrive home from work exhausted and your partner arrives home energized, you'll also have a conflict of interests.

One huge component to this is if you have children or your partner has children. There may be logistical issues. You or your partner might not be able to go out every night because someone has to look after the children. There may also be issues about whether the children like the other person and whether or not this will cause stress between the parents are the child.

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