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Attracting the Right Man- What Women Should Know  

by Gerry Restrivera

With advance technology now, meeting people and getting dates are a lot easier, but are you attracting the right man? Although dating should be fun, of course you want to create a lasting relationship with someone you've always wanted. You want to end up with someone you want to be with and you are not dating just for the sake of dating and having fun.

It is important that you will get the attention of quality men and not those men who are just looking for fun and excitement at the expense of women. Let's face it, women are the object of desire of men and there are cases that after the fun, women are left alone and broken hearted because they met the wrong kind of men.

Attracting the right man means he could be the special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life. Attraction is an art that you can learn but of course it is important that you will end up with right man. Here are some tips in attracting the right man:

Love yourself first. If you are the type of person who know how to accept yourself and do not dwell on your flaws but instead you just focus on the beautiful things that you have, then you have the ingredients in attracting the right man. You know you are not perfect but you already come to terms with your imperfections and learned to love yourself for who you really are. It is hard to be around someone who has insecurities, that is why sensible men are drawn to women who value themselves and know their worth.

Be yourself. Being someone you are not is a real turn off especially for men who are looking for a real relationship. Being yourself is allowing others to see the real you. Opening yourself to others will help you in attracting the right man who will accept you for who you really are.

Be realistic with your criteria of the right man. It is important that your standards for your ideal man are realistic. It is not lowering your standards but you have to set attainable standards. If you keep looking for the right guy and your expectations are not realistic, you might end up waiting for the right guy all your life and you might be missing other opportunities.

Look at the right places. Good men can be found at the right places. Although singles bars are the most common place, it might not the best place if you want the chance of attracting the right man because you will probably meet someone who visits and drinks regularly at the bar. Other good places are church, community activities, charity services and sports clubs.

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