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Guy Gets Girl is the first dating guide of its kind written by a woman for men. But does it really work? Read on to learn about the pros and cons and to find out if a woman can really teach you how to get any girl you want?

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Are you ready for making some new friends online that can share your thoughts, some light moments and can even solve your problems in just a mouse click?


What is Speed Dating

Speed Dating started in Los Angeles as a way to assist Jews to meet Jews, but from here it has snowballed and lost it's religious connotations. Now it is little more that musical chairs, a quick turn round the room with an equal number of men and women, speaking to them all for a very few minutes.


How To Develop The Confident Sense Of Humor Women Love

When it comes to learning how to be successful with women very few techniques you can learn offer instant gratification. Yet if you start incorporating a cocky sense of humor correctly you will draw women towards you immediately. Confidence and humor are two of the most important pieces of the attraction puzzle.

Many men may feel this is counter intuitive. You dont want to act cocky because you dont want to look like an arrogant jerk. You may also consider yourself to have a good sense of humor, yet have not seen any results with women.

In both cases you would be right! However, when you combine the two you have something truly magical with women!

How you ask? This type of humor communicates three very important things about yourself to women. The first quality your communicating is that you are a confident alpha male even though you are joking. The second attraction factor is the use of humor of course. A great sense of humor is at the top of every girls list of attractive qualities.

Humor shows intelligence and creativity. The third attraction factor is it shows women you understand how to communicate with them. Your attitude can build flirty tension and chemistry between you and her! The great thing about this kind of humor is it is low risk, immediately applicable, and conveys all the right things about you to women!

To use this special brand of Cocky Humor you will need to keep a few things in mind. The first is that it is cocky mixed with humor.

Without humor youre just a jerk. You also should remember that regular conversation should have a little of this humor mixed in. These witty quips dont replace your conversations all together. The last and most important aspect of cocky humor to keep in mind is to keep your intentions good. Your just teasing her in a fun playful way, you are never trying to insult her or bring her down a notch.

So here is what you do: Take something mean or arrogant and add humor.

Dont say, Whats with the huge purse your carrying instead say, wow, thats a big purse, you arent caring an uzi in there are you? Get it, your giving her a hard time in a fun way. You can flip the script and act like she is hitting on you, stop coming on to me or your not getting my number, so just quite it. These examples should put you in the right kind of playful mood. You will find that funny and cocky comments like these will come to you in your interactions with women and will create fun flirty interactions.

At times you will deliver these kinds of comments with a strait face just to make her squirm for a few seconds.

Other times you may say something outrageous with a confident smirk on your face just to let her know your joking. Which way you deliver this kind of humor is at your discretion.

Now, go out and use this cocky Humor, at the bar, at work, at the book store or coffee shop, or any were you interact with women, whether youre interested in them or not! You will find that you are brightening up womens day and having more laughs and fun with women every were you go!


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